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Nov 14, 2000
Greensburg, PA, USA
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Planning a Front Main Seal Replacement?
Consider our Tool MNKICK-4CYL – Aluminum Economy Grade 4cyl Crank Counterhold

This thick aluminum bar provides the rigid counterhold needed for safe removal and installation of the crank sprocket center bolt. Tool should fit all 4 cylinder water-cooled VW®/Audi® in-line engines that utilize a toothed timing belt. Replaces factory tool #3415. Not for engines with main timing chains. This tool is a more economical alternative to the NuYank-4Cyl. This economy tool is no frills and does NOT have a lifetime warranty. If you want a warranty, order the NuYank-4Cyl. Both are listed on this page

The two ends of the tool have different hole arrangements to allow you to select where the bar will contact a rigid stop (floor, subframe, etc). Comes with 3 high strength bolts and washers. Impact rated to counterhold your use of impact guns or breaker bars to remove the center bolt. Stable enough to use against your torque wrench and extensions for stretch bolts. Precision machined in USA, Metalnerd® brand. A 19mm, 12-point impact grade socket sold separately.

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Apr 26, 2001
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I would think since thei IS HIS MARKET AUDIENCE the price is the price. Cut the guy a break. Some people always looking for a deal.


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May 5, 2004
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$123.17 for VW®/Audi® tool #3415. You just saved $64.17

Do you really need to save 5 more dollars?


May 14, 2001
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Ive used it. Works like a champ.

As usual a quality product from Metalnerd!