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Hello All,

This new category will be for TDI related News releases & product announcements. To keep this forum small and lean and clean I will only allow a few people to post significant postings here. If you would like something added, feel free to email me the article, and I’ll post it for you with your credits.

To keep on topic here is something significant that you probably have already read about from VW Vortex:

<FONT COLOR="#003399" FACE="Verdana, Helvetica, Arial">Volkswagen Marine Builds Engines Specifically For Use In Boats</Font>

VW has announced a new division: Volkswagen Marine. The new engines will be derived from TDI & SDI engines ranging in HP from 45-150hp. For more on this read the article at:


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If my next full size boat doesn't have one of these babies in it, my name is "Mud"!

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