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Sep 3, 2005
Ohio USA
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Every dealer will give you a discount. Every dealer's goal is to make as much as possible. That means every dealer will charge as much as possible.

Don't even bother looking at "discounts." Look at the final out the door price.

Here is my buying system:

I pick out three to five dealers. I go to each one and say the same thing:

" I am looking for a current year <XXXXX> mobile with XXXXXX options. I want the car within 30 days. I am offering you the opportunity to give me your best deal. I will give other dealers the same deal. I will not tell others want you may offer nor will I tell you want they offer.

All other factors like trade in will be handled separately.

If you don't wish to sell be a car participate, that's fine. "

DO NOT allow them to change any of the above. Do not allow them to talk about trade in or anything other than what you have set above. Don't let them have the key to your current car.

Now go do exactly what you said you will do. I have done it several times. I would guess about ⅔ of the dealers will go along and make you an offer.

I have found this to be the least effort and best results in my past.

BTW I had one dealer change the agreement at signing. I took a good look at the price listed on the paperwork it was $500 less than I have agreed to. I asked them if they were aware if it, and they said yes. I never found out for sure, but maybe there was some sort of manufacturer/dears thing or ??? In any case I have found them to also be a reliable option for repairs.

Good Luck