New B20 Bio-Diesel pumps in Colorado!


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Nov 14, 2001
Milwaukee WI
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Hello everyone,

I had the pleasure of attending the bio-diesel conf. in Carbondale Colorado a week or so back. I also drove John Long back to the Front Range. John is the founder of Blue Sun Bio Diesel ( and it a really good guy.

Anyway anyone interested in filling up via a pump (no mixing of b20 necessary!!!) just check out their site for locations around the front range and the rest of Colorado.

I am in the process of moving back to WI and depending on how much room I have in the U-hawl I am planning on bringing back as much Bio 100 as I can. Not sure how much that will be but if anyone is interested I might be able too make room for some extra 5 gallon tanks or a drum.

Email me at if interested. No guarantee but I will do my best. Planning on leaving sometime in July.


Tony B.
2002 Jetta GLS bio-d powered with 70k miles and going strong.