new 2015 Golf TDI SE


Mar 8, 2015
2015 Golf TDI SE
I'm new to the forum, and look forward to learning from all of you about TDI culture! Just got a 2015 Golf TDI SE, tungsten silver, here in NH. I upgraded from a 2013 Golf 2 door (gas) with a manual. I was vacillating between an A3 TDI sedan and a Golf, but decided ultimately that the Golf offers more space, tons of features for the money and is mighty fine looking. It felt good to save $10 grand by making that decision as well!
While I miss the steering in my old Golf, I am absolutely in love with the DSG, airiness of the cabin and features of the SE, which, in my book, has a ton of features for the money. At first I was not crazy about the rims (Madrid I think they are called?) but now they are growing on me.
Here are some pics.



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Nov 12, 1999
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Beautiful car! I've been toying with upgrading my TDI as well, and the SE looked like the package I would get as well.

Post some interior pics! :)


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Mar 17, 2015
London, UK
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Your new Golf looks great! I really like the colour.

I ordered a similar car myself 2 days ago. A Golf Mk7 TDI 2.0 Match with manual gearbox in tungsten silver. I'm in the UK so manual gearboxes are much more common here I think. I find a manual much more engaging to drive than an automatic.

I can't wait to get mine (though it will be several months to wait until it's built in the German factory), but it's good to see what it might look like from your pictures.