New 2006's being sold


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Apr 7, 2006
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I ran across this from an Ontario newspaper website by clicking on new diesel VWs. Several 2006 Golf and Jetta entries appeared on the "new car" searches.

Since these are typically "North American" spec, and the 2006 is certified for US, they can probably be brought across. I do know that "North American" emission spec cars from Canada can be legally imported into the US under some circumstances, typically if the equivalent is already EPA certified, and Canadian dealers provide the information.

In the worst of circumstances, one would have to sell the car in Canada, but the dealer would probably "protect you" as part of the purchase deal.

That probably also explains how diesel SAABs are making it into the US.

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Jan 3, 2000
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Well you can still get the '06 TDI in the US. Both the US and Canada are running on stocks made right up to the end of 2006; they flooded the market to carry them over to '08 as there are no '07 TDIs. Essentially the car is identical to an '07 except for the MY. Most available now up here are Special Editions. More than likely the same situation south of the border, so you won't need to go through the hassle of a Canadian import. Moreover our dollar is very high at the moment and cars up here have not had their prices lowered yet, so a Canadian car will be overpriced. At my last trip to the dealer, he had about a dozen brand-new "06" TDIs on the lot, 2 sold, and most of them Special Editions. This was 2 weeks ago.

Not sure where the diesel SAABs are coming from though. Certainly not from Canada, VW TDI, Mercedes BlueTec, Smart, and Ford/GM/Chrysler pick-ups are the only diesels available.