Need to sell GMC engine... suggestions?


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Jun 26, 2003
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I have a 4.3l GM engine that has been following me around after I abandoned the rebuild on my old high school truck. Professionally bored, balanced, rebuilt heads and then assembled with a Comp Cam roller kit, etc. I'm not having any luck selling it through Craigslist, or the Chevy/GM forums I have found. Does anyone here happen to have any suggestions on where you might sell a completely rebuilt engine?


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Apr 18, 2009
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pay for the listing info, add lots of info and photos, and post a reasonable price.

Before you start, understand that a buyer of an engine worked on by an unknown-qualification individual comes with some risk,

Also, consider the money you spent on the engine to be funding a hobby for you, not an investment.


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Dec 11, 2001
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There are just too many to list....
Do not know which version of 4.3L you have, but truthfully they are generally pretty good if it is an older one, and they are a dime a dozen used, and the vehicles they are used in are largely worthless PLUS if anyone was going to go through the trouble of "rebuilding" one, they'd probably swap in a 5.7L anyway (unless it was an S10/S15... that takes a little more work).

What killed a lot of them was in the 4WD S10/T10 where the remote oil filter/cooler lines would be allowed to fail. They'd pump the engine dry in a few seconds. But again, those vehicles by now are barely worth their weight in scrap, not many folks would spend the money for even a used engine let alone a rebuilt one.