Need coolant heater plug part number!

Steve Addy

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Aug 7, 2002
97 Mk3
Hey all
I ordered some parts earlier this week and they arrived today. Other then the damaged fuel filter
I got glow plugs and one new coolant heater plug, one of mine seemed busted inside and I assume they might be original. Anyway, the one I received is not like the ones I have, the ones I have are threaded like the older style engine glow plugs, not clip on like the new, but the new coolant heater plug I got has the clip on end. Does anyone have the bosch part number for the coolant heater plug with he threaded terminal end? Is it any different from the older style engine glow plugs? It certainly looks the same, and at $20 a pop for these coolant heater plugs I'd like to get the correct part at least!

Much appreciated!

Steve A.

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