NB rear mat snaps.


RIP, Gone But Not Forgotten
Aug 25, 1999
Plymouth, CT .
Fellow Buglings, part # (SFGPA63B0864812 is the rear mat snaps. Anyone who has passengers riding in the back should definitely get these snaps. They hold the mats in place. No more sliding under the front seats. Their GREAT! Installation is simple a screw driver and awl. If you don't have a awl you can use a ice pick or even a nail.
1. Remove the plastic snaps from the mats so the through hole is exposed.
2. Place the mat exactly were you want it. Then through the center of the hole take the awl and punch a pilot hole. DON'T DRIVE IT THROUGH THE FLOOR,JUST HARD ENOUGH TO GO THROUGH THE CARPET.
3. With a screw driver screw in the mat snap. Put the plastic mat snaps back into the mats and snap into place