My first TDI


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Jun 21, 2005
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Hello a newbi form Oregon here since I just took delivery of my VW and my first TDI. It is a 2005.5 Jetta 5-spd manual I figure I better stop being a lurker. These new cars a sweet! I can't believe the power from such a small diesel the first day I am averaging 48.9 mpg on the trip computer. What would you say are the "to do" things for the first few thousand miles? Keep in mind I drive 250-350 miles/day.


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Dec 7, 2004
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Use the search feature and look for the break-in recommendations listed by drivbiwire. I think there was a recent post on that subject during the last few days.

A "not to do thing" is to use the cruise control. You want to vary the load on the engine and this can best be done by using the pedal.

Consider doing some of your own maintenance, like the oil changes and the fuel filter.

You might also want to put in some diesel additives in your tank at each fill-up. The diesel in N. America is not at the cetane level the TDIs require. The additives will help boost the cetane and also have cleaners for the injectors.

Periodically check your oil level (i.e., once a week). The engine and turbo require a good oil level to work their best.

Keep reading the forums and before you know it, you'll be TDI-wise.

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Aug 3, 2003
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What would you say are the "to do" things for the first few thousand miles? Keep in mind I drive 250-350 miles/day.
I have to ask, why did you wait so long to get a TDI? They are the perfect cars for anyone who drives so many miles.

There really isn't anything you can do wrong, except baby it. And with so many miles to drive, my guess is you don't waste time getting from A to B.

Most new TDI engines use a little oil, so keep a quart or liter of 505.01-rated motor oil in your car for topping up. And get a Pela topside oil extractor so you can do your own oil changes easily.

Consider a CAT 2-micron fuel filter. It will protect your fuel injection system better than the OEM; also, each filter costs less and you can go further between filter changes.

Lastly, if there are as many sand and gravel trucks on the highways in Oregon as there are in California, get a bra. Otherwise the bumper and leading edge of the hood will take a beating. (Not sure if there are any bras for the 2005.5 Jettas yet, though.)