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My ALH New Beetle 5 Speed


Oct 24, 2016
2001 Beetle GLS
Hey all!
Long time lurker but what the heck I'll post about my Beetle. It's a 2001 and it's my first car which I believe is awesome considering I'm only 19! Bought it from my dad who owned it for 15 years so I grew up in the bug. As a first car I love it, cheap and fun to drive with the whooshing and the shifts!
At the moment I have a vacuum leak and a stuffed intake and egr. Doing vaccum lines right now in fact! But the manifold and egr (delete) will happen this summer hopefully! Also need to polish up my fenders big time or get them repainted if the polishing doesn't work out.
Moar pics :D :D

who likes my sticker hehe...
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Oct 25, 2009
SouthEast NC
Orville - 2003 platinum gray Jetta 5m 220K miles ||| Wilbur (Knurren) - 2003 silver Jetta wagon 5m 230K miles
very nice. what kind of wheels do you have on her? hope you document the work you do on here. it’s great to see it.