Mud flaps


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Oct 29, 1999
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Just an fyi...

Santa had his elves whip up a batch of black mud flaps for me over Christmas. Installation was a snap, for any of you who are hesitating.

I got all four of mine on without removing any tires. The front ones go on easy because you can turn the wheel all the way right or left.

The biggest help in this was using a srewdriver set that has those little pieces that you pop into the handle. They have a hex side on one end, and a phillips/flat head/torx/what-have-you on the other. These you can use with a 6mm socket. That way, you can easily undo all the screws necessary without banging into the tires. Also gives you extra torque.

From the back, they look really slick. The front side of them is recessed. Seems like a lot of mud 'n dirt would collect up in there. I guess that is okay since I don't want the muck collecting on the side of my car! Comments?

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Oct 21, 1998
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Just one before I sign off for the holiday:


I've noticed a distinct reduction of dirt and junk kicking up on the sides of my car since putting them on earlier this year, and while I was very lucky not to have had any paint damage before getting them, others have commented that they have - so this is a great insurance policy against ruining the paint on the front of your rear fenders.

Nice that you were able to put them on yourself.

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