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Movie Night!

What Movie?

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Dec 4, 2001
Williamstown, Mass
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There's a Top Gear episode that took an 80s era RHD Toyota Diesel pickup, beat the daylights out of it while driving it up and down stairways, etc. Then tied it to a boat ramp somewhere on either the North Sea or English Channel, let the tide bury it in sand and filled the engine with saltwater. Then they hired a Diesel mechanic to drain the saltwater and refill with oil and Diesel and got it running. It only took the mechanic about 1/2 hour to get it running.


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Jul 2, 2000
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Also a good episode. I wish I had time to put together a bunch of clips from all of the diesels that they've had on the show. I guess I'll work on that for next year's Fest. :D