Mods to the chip to accomodate larger nozzles

Andrei Rinea

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Jan 21, 2002
Europe, Romania, Bucharest
VW Tiguan 4Motion 2.0 TDI 170HP (engine CBBB)
My question is: What should the chip tuner do in order to accomodate larger nozzles (I dream of upgrading from Sprint 520 to PowerPlus 764)?
I know there are 4 (?) maps IQ vs RPM, Torque limiter vs RPM, IQ vs throttle and InjectionTiming vs RPM. What should be modified? The guy is very flexible but he didn't work with larger nozzles before..


PS: How can you "teach" an old version ECU (BK?) on the 1Z engine to work with a vacuum operated turbo such as the VNT series? I mean you have to use a different N75, and controlled differently, right?