Mods to make a golf tdi handle like a gti?


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May 24, 2017
Los Angeles
MK7 Golf S
My Mk7 TDI is full GTI(+) in the front, and half GTI in the rear. I won't opine on how my setup "feels" unless someone is curious but I'm happy to answer questions as best I can regarding the parts and such.


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May 4, 2022
Orange, CA
2012 Jetta Sportwagen TDI
No reason you can't give a TDI at least 90% of a GTI's performance, they share at least 90% of the same parts for a start. While the Golf7 TDI didn't get the IRS like the GTI, on smooth roads they'll be little difference. Front end is the same, and most any better bits the GTI got can be retrofitted to a TDI. As for power, the GTI has us beat in peak power, but we got the torque!
Wouldn't it be theoretically possible to swap in IRS? You'd have to delete the AdBlue system, but that's the only reason why the TDI has a twist beam in the back, is because there wasn't enough room for the AdBlue tank and an independent rear suspension. I'd imagine the GTI rear subframe would bolt in without too much hassle.


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May 4, 2023
New Zealand
2006 MKV 1.9 tdi
What’s with the attitude? I have no gti dreams. I had a gti. It was great fun, and the same generation so I know more or less what my tdi can handle like. It’s not a different car. I have a different car that I would take to a track day or for HPDE. I just would like my daily to handle a little better.
I'm in New Zealand with a 2006 TDI - I put brakes from a TSI/GT and 17 by 8 wheels with Potenza? tyres. Got the wheel off the GT etc and it handles pretty well compared to stock.

There's a GTI MKV at the wreckers and I'll go and get the sway bar soon. Also an Audi TT I think the solid bar is interchangeable.

Cool, I get that you like the diesel power....