Modified 02 Jetta TDI from Sherbrooke Canada, searching for infos on the car


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Sep 4, 2022
2002 Jetta TDI
Hello everyone!

I just purchased a manual 02 Jetta TDI from my stepfather in Sherbrooke Quebec Canada. It was his brother's car, a doctor or something like that, the first owner and the guy who modified it. Unfortunately he passed away few years ago and we don't know much about the car. It have a TDIClub license plate cover on it, which brings me here. Maybe someone here can recognize the car and have more informations on it.

I'm very new to diesel engines and VW, but not to modified cars. I have a 800HP 2JZ 190E Benz drift car and some street cars (2JZ Cadillac CTS, VK45DE Infiniti SUV and more).

So here are the infos I have:

- Marine blue color, stock exterior, stock suspension height, stock wheels. Euro headlights.
- Recaro seats, black and red, Airbag tag stitched on the sides, in really nice condition.
- Forged engine, less than 100,000km.
- Ported head, imported from Germany
- Euro intake manifold with an aftermarket aluminum tube bolted on it, CNC machined flange and TIG welded
- Bigger turbo, installed in a shop in Boston USA. EGR delete with an Autometer EGT probe in the blockoffplate
- Aluminum intercooler
- Downpipe looks big and aftermarket, heatwrap on it. Exhaust looks aftermarket up to the rear wheels, with stock muffler?
- Exhaust weld broke after the flexible in the middle of the car. The turbo whistle A LOT and makes a nice sound haha
- VR6 clutch, don't know the brand, pedal feels stock
- Chipped, supposed have 2 tunes for different boost level but I don't have any programmer or controller. There is a unplugged micro-usb-looking wire over the dash/pillar
- Autometer EGT and boost/vac gauges. Programmable OBD2 rectangle display that reads 4 signals simultaneously
- Currently boost at 22.5psi, the other tune was supposed to boost at 26. Makes a good amount of torque, easily spins in 2nd gear when flooring, fun to drive
- Bigger injectors, modified fuel pump
- VR6 MAF ? Tube and filter box is bigger than the original
- GLI brakes ?
- Thick aluminum skidplate under the engine
- I have a LOT of parts in boxes, intercooler, 2 Sachs clutchs, flywheel, 3 or 4 MAF, turbo valves, stock piping, a round blue aftermarket part wrote "RACING tm" in white with 8 bolt holes and a tube on the side. The car was FULL of spare parts.
- Came with a 5L of diesel octane booster? Stepfather told me to put some when I'm filling the tank

Pictures to come, it's dark outside at the moment. I will try to find the turbo specs and more informations.