Modification of Emissions Equipment

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Sep 25, 1997
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To all TDIClub members:

In an effort to provide fair moderation across all TDIClub forums, TDIClub Forum Administration feels it is best to clarify our position on the posting of content related to vehicle emissions modification.

We feel that it is in the community's best interest to permit these discussions. It is important (and therefore required), however, that these types of discussions clearly state that:

  • These modifications are a violation of federal emissions regulations
  • Neither TDIClub nor any person taking action or inaction on its behalf, other than the content poster, will be held accountable for the content in said messages
  • It is up to each individual vehicle owner or operator to take responsibility for his/her actions

The above points must be made abuntantly clear in each thread discussing emissions systems. This also applies to vendors who may entertain discussion of modification or part for modifications. Such vendors must additionally provide a disclaimer in those threads clearly outlining the ramifications for modifying federal emissions components.

Any content deemed to be in violation of the above may be removed from public view immediately and without warning, and infractions may be applied to the user who posted the content. Continued infractions may result in a restriction of posting privileges.

This clarification does not remove any moderator's privilege; TDIClub Forum moderators retain the right to redact or delete any post, at any time, for any reason.

TDIClub Online reserves the right to change this policy at any time.

Thank you,

TDIClub Administration
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