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MK7 clutch towing? options? smf?


Aug 30, 2005
Chesapeake, VA, USA 401-919-0466
2003 Jettawagon TDI; 2015 GSW 6MT
Within the next few years we plan to tow a travel trailer not exceeding 3500lbs with a MK7 GSW 6MT. I'm wondering how the factory clutch holds up towing? Would you convert to a SMF? I've read places that the SMF lead to transmission failures, but wanted to see if there was more information on this. Any pointers appreciated.

I towed a lot with my MK4 JSW with a smf and never had problems, I had hoped this would be a similar experience


Veteran Member
Dec 13, 2008
Virginia Beach, VA
'01 Jetta TDI/'15 Golf TDI
I can bring you some busted synchros to Chesapeake if you'd like to see exactly what happens with a SMF and this 02Q transmission. I was one that thought had the right recipe for their survival, and it did not last more than 10k miles before losing 2nd gear.
I have a SMF in my mk4 jetta and all is fine..brass synchros will take the beating all day. Your mk7 02Q has steel unfortunately.

I'd try things out with your stock setup and if you need to replace/upgrade I highly recommend the Sachs SRE organic disc if you're keeping power under 400lb-ft.


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Nov 18, 2014
2011 vw golf tdi(gone to greener pastures), 2001 ford f250 powerstroke
Yup, smf is a bad idea on these newer tdi's. I think the factory clutch will be fine with all factory parts under the hood. I'd be looking into brake system upgrades with that much in tow.
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