Mk4 TDi Golf


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Sep 3, 2012
Mk6 Wagon
I'm thinking about getting a new car and it's going to be a MK4 Golf. Now Im deciding between gas and diesel. I've come here to ask the TDi people what are some the pros and cons of having one. I've never driven a TDi before nor a MK4. I already know one of the pros is you don't fill up often and you get more KMs. But I'm looking for more than that like power and maintenance and etc.. I've checked the What to look for when buying a used TDi thread and learned some stuff there but I also want some other info from the members.

Also I'm looking for an '04 or an '05. and I do make frequent trips to Whitby which is 200kms there and back if that matters.

Ps. I've never driven a MK4 yet.

Thanks for the help!