MK4 TDI ARL swap - engine troubles


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Dec 13, 2004
Sherbrooke, Qc, Canada
B7 A4 V6 2.5TDI, MK2 frankentdi 2.0 16V TDI PD
This is not my first swap, I'm running an ARL with lots of mods in my MK3 Jetta...

I was buying a P150 engine from RyanP in May. It was looking fine, no rust, had 78k miles.

We were installing in in July. It's running with a GTB2260VK, custom tune (Named Tintin) and few other goodies.

When it's waming, it's clicking in compression and the injector #1 balance is off (-2,8) at this moment.

I measured the tandem pump pressure and it's OK.

Yesterday, after many weeks stopped, I had to move the car. I was quite unable to start it at -5*C, I had to use a little shot of quick start. I was starting my MK3 ARL @ -15*C last week WITHOUT GLOW PLUGS, no trouble!!

I was sure I had an injector problem, but now I'm not sure about the head. The cam is OK, no signs of wear.

Any idea?