Mk4 BEW ac evap drain line or plug?


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Mar 25, 2022
New Orleans
I just bought this car. The interior was already ripped out due to a leaking sunroof drain years ago.
while messing around inside and running the ac I noticed it running a small stream from where the blower motor mounts to the firewall. Black plate with a foam gasket and it’scoming From where it mounds on the underside.
I’ve read the thread about the drain line coming from the firewall but either mine is missing or I’m looking for the wrong thing. I lifted the flap on the firewall but I’m thinking what I lifted wasn’t it as there was zero water running from it.
I’m supposed to be buying a donor car for interior next week and I need to figure this out before I put another interior in it for it to leak again.
I guess I need a visual to see if there is supposed to be a drain tube that missing or if I’m no messing with the right flap.
Please attach a picture if you have one of what I should be looking for.
Thanks in advance.


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Oct 12, 2011
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It's been a long time but I thought comes through the firewall below where you can easily see it.
Passengers side to the center or so.