Mk2 Jetta TD parts seek


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May 26, 2017
1986 Jetta Turbo Diesel 514k(Wolfsburg)
Hey my VW friends! I'm looking for any engine or body parts for my 86 jetta turbo diesel. Specifically injectors from a lower Kilometer engine or if someone has new or rebuilt ones that aren't being used! Also any glow plug system knick-knacks like relay just for spare etc. also a lower mile or rebuilt turbo with tight bearings.

I've got my 514,000k engine running acceptionally well now no big smoke at any time really, but at times it clatters like made before it heats up to optimal temperature but some days it does and others it's quiet like a new little motor, strange inconsistency. I replaced the 5spd trans with a wrecked one with 300,000 less k on it, new clutch . All new seals and rear engine seal. I now know what it's like to polish a turd and get pleasure from it. Love that turbo spool up/down with a 2.2" straight pipe off the modified turbo cup haha!

Also have a round air box from a 97 Ford 1/2ton dropped in painlessly providing 50% more filter media area, this engine is pumping with out any restriction. Having it wide open doesn't mean I bag drive it I aim to drive it like the grandpa it is a get as many reliable miles out of it as possible I'm helping it live. :rolleyes:
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