Mk2 Golf gti with PD TDI conversion (UK)


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Nov 23, 2008
sunny brum uk
mk2 golf
Its pretty much time to sell my mk2 now. Reason for selling, just moving house and want to put the money towards finishing my mk1 before i get too old.
The car is a 90 spec pearl grey 3 dr in good condition. This is the Grant Parker built mk2 for anyone that remembers it. Since I have had it I have been systematically fixing all the things that were wrong with it when I bought it.
It has had:
1. full re-wire
2. Chassis leg welded and strengthened for the 6 speed box it runs.
3. Southbend stage 4 solid billet flywheel and clutch (£1k+ )rated to 450lbft
4. New big FMI and all pipework re routed.
5. New Sensors to get it running properly.
6. Stealth racing custom remap to stop the limp mode problem it had.
7. New g60 hubs and disks and calipers pads...
8. New 16v master cylinder and servo.
9. New wishbones with R32 bushes and race and rally bushes.
10. Neuspeed adjustable ARB's front and rear.
11. Weitecs coilovers with about 500miles on them if that.

The car itself is a pd 130 engine, 6 speed tdi box and a hybrid gt25 bb turbo and Water meth combination. It is safe at 28psi but it has a switchable boost setting at 1/2 that too.
It regularly achieves 50+mpg as to be expected, on a run 60+mpg i have seen. Currently running 220hp and 320lbft.
Now the best bit. It has run a 13.6 sec 1/4 mile at 104mph. This was pre map and using N2o to clear the smoke. No n2o is fitted now. I ran it without and got a 14.6 at 98mph, all these figures were pre mapping. I have gained 15ish hp and more torque with the map but not taken it to the pod since then.

It currently runs on 15" mims with the low offset in black,Bodywork is in good nick, have a spare tailgate to go with it to make mint. G60 arches, 90 spec interior is very clean. pics to follow.

Anyone who has been in it is totally shocked at the punch it has, I expect a few people that know me and the car that read this will chime in

Price, owes me alot looking at it but realistically want £4500 for a quick sale
Cheers Joel