MK11 Toledo 1.9tdi Suspected Blown Turbo and Runaway


Mar 14, 2019
Seat Toledo 1.9tdi ASV
Here are the bent rods.
Here is the old head. See discolouration on 3 valves and it is all the smaller ones. These air or exhaust? I assume this discolouration is from heat?

Here is the head off the alh engine.

I am thinking of putting the alh head straight onto the asv block rather than swapping valves. They are the same on both engines. Going to swap the cooling attachment from the asv to the alh but before I do is there a gasket or sealant involved? Is it safe to assume the injectors on the alh block are OK and proceed?

Here are the rods from the alh and I will swap the pistons.

As mentioned some of the lifters were damaged but not visibly. The hydraulic part was killed. I assume from valves hitting them too fast and too often.

Anything I am missing or should be considering?