Mixing ATF fluids???Is it ok?


Nov 2, 2015
Phoenix AZ
2002 Beetle
2002 New Beetle 1.9l TDI
Long story, try to be short.
Husband changed out filter and gasket. Did not notice that the new one did not include the little round washer type things that go in the gasket. Drove to work for three days (100+ miles) and on day three, it dumped all of the Pentosin, ($80.00 worth) had it towed home. Realized it probably needed those so dug them out of the trash and put them on the next new gasket and filter. I ran around town trying to find enough Pentosin for him. I found 3 (1 liters) to go with the 1 liter we had left in the 5 liter bottle. It was not enough and all we had was regular mercon V, so he added that to bring it to full. Was that ok?
It is still dripping quite a lot so he is going to put a new crush washer and plug in.
Does anyone have any other ideas and was it ok to mix fluids???

Thank you