MI thru OHio


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Oct 30, 2004
2002 Jetta TDi, GLS
Looking for someone going to the TDI fest that would consider bringing a traffic signal back to somewhere in Ohio....Cleveland, Toledo, Columbus, Bellefontaine etc. Will fit in the trunk of any Golf Jetta, and maybe in the back seat of a beetle. I need it moved from a little north of Lansing to somewhere in Ohio. I am self employed so can meet about anywhere, anytime, during the day. Family comes first at night and weekend.

I will pay a fee to have it moved closer to me, though I'm not wanting to spend a ton.

Traffic signal is about 10" square by 40" tall and will have box of visors to go with it (think 12 baseball caps stacked together)

Admin, If this is not ok please delete and accept my apologies

Thanks in advance.

jbleu101 at Hotmail dot com (no spaces)