Malone Tuning by AARodriguez at TDIFest 2012

AARodriguez Corp.

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Nov 30, 2008
South East USA
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Hi guys, looking forward to seeing everyone at the fest.
I'll be bringing a good selection of our products to view at the fest including.

Armrest Hinges
Armrest Latches
Glove box hinges
Glove box latch kits
Fuel Door kits and more!

I'll also be tuning at the fest. I'll be offering a 10% discount on all tunes, and free dealer labor for installation and removal of ECU's ($50 value).

I can tune
Mk4 and MK5 TDI's
DSG Tunes

Last week I tuned 3x 2012 CR cars with DSG transmissions. A Golf, a Passat, and a JSW. These cars are SWEET with a DSG tune, but without it you may experience a lack of performance, we will NOT be providing Stage 1.5 or higher tunes without a DSG tune.

Time is going to in short supply at the fest, register below for a tune and we'll do our best to get your car done when YOU want to have it done. First come, first serve.
----->>>>>Mobile Malone Tuning Registration Form - Dealer AARodriguez Corp.
This is NOT a commitment to tuning, just a tool to help me schedule your tune.
After you complete this, I'll contact you and work out the other details, or setup an alternate appointment.
I am VERY punctual, and usually try to be a bit early. I think your time is very valuable, and so is mine. If you need to change or cancel an appointment let me know ASAP. You can even warn me, "I might need to change/cancel".

I will not be tuning gas cars at the fest.

FREE SHIRTS!!! If you get a tune at TDIFest 2012 from AARodriguez Corp.

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Jun 18, 2008
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It's awesome that you're bringing armrest and glove box latches. Mine are both broken on my 02 Jetta wagon with black interior. I will be at the Fest on Sun morning, hopefully you'll be there then.