MAF CONNECTOR - Contacts & Connector wire/contact necessary?


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Feb 25, 2012
Western NC
2000 Jetta ALH - 5spd
I am wanting to replace my MAF connector (internal plastics are rotting etc). This is part# 1J0973775A. I have ordered this already.

My main questions:
Do I need this part (connector wire) part # 000979133A/000979133E in order to change out the connector also?

Also, I had one of my contacts in the old connector fall out so will my NEW CONNECTOR come with NEW CONTACTS inside or do we have to swap contacts out (there should be 5 points/contacts in the connector)?

I want to do this RIGHT the first time so all input is appreciated



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Jun 6, 2011
Newnan, Ga
2001 Jetta alh
That is all u need. I replaced mine a couple of weeks does not come w/new contacts. you have to pry open the small plastic clips that hold each pin in...I had to break them loose from the base to be able to push out the old pins. there were only 4 pins in my 02 alh...once u get them out there are small tabs or barbs that may need to be opened a bit to make sure the pins stay locked in once u insert them in the new connector. then slide the pink lock over to keep all of them in. if you have an extra hole left in the connector the old one should have a rubber or silicone plug to fill the extra hole to keep water out...