M109a4, 6x6 turned camper, 1998.


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Apr 26, 2023
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This got me started with the love of diesels.

Cat 3116 turbo. Technically a tdi haha.
Mechanical lifters, top rail injection: Redlines at 2700 rpm and 100km/hour.
Will keep pace with a car from stopped at the lights when floored hahaha.
Miliage isnt too bad for weighing 15,000 pounds ;) And in low, it can climb up pretty steep hills like a rock climber jeep.
If light on the throttle it gets around 12 to 14 mpg / 5 to 6 km/L hwy at 90 to 95 kms, as i have oversized tires.
Allison auto trans, full locker torque convertor.

Sorry cant answer questions as im working too much atm.
Just google the m109a3 / a4, or m35 for more info.
Thanks for looking!

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Dec 11, 2001
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There are just too many to list....
Those are pretty neat, who built the body? We had friends with a Studebaker built "deuce and a half" from 1955 when I was a kid. It was a gas engine, though. And I want to say it was a flathead inline six, with a 5sp manual and a high/low transfer case and a manual locking power divider in the rear (two dual axles). When you engaged everything, it was putting power to all 10 tires and while not at all fast it would slug over and through just about anything. My buddy's little sister (whom I would have totally had the teenage hots for except she looked too much like her brother) was driving it around their property and ran it through a barbed wire fence and it took two days to untangle everything from all the driveshafts underneath. She was 13, we were 14, LOL. But I swear that ol' truck always started, never broke, and we put it through hell. In the winter we drug everyone around the field in the snow dragging about 30 people on old car hoods, tractor tire inner tubes, sleds, and anything else we could find to tie to the back end! :D