Lower Hose split, throwing a bunch of codes.


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May 3, 2004
Dallas, TX
Jetta, 2001, Blue, Passat, 2012 Silver
Hey everyone, thought I would share this experience.

While driving home I noticed a whooshing noise coming from the engine while the engine speed was at 2k or greater and a loss of power. A few minutes later I got a CEL (Check Engine Light). My Ross-Tech revealed the following codes.

8845 - Torque Difference Cylinder 4 (P1007 00 [096] - Limit Value Exceeded)
8852 - EGT Sensor 1 Bank 1 (P2478 00 [236] - Exhaust Gas Temperature Out of Tolerance)
15733 - SCR NOx Catalyst Bank 1 (P20EE 00 [096] - Efficiency too Low)
8863 - Diesel Particulate Filter (P2459 00 [096] - Regeneration Frequency)

It turned out to be a lower hose than had split. Lower Hose (3AA-145-832-B).

Replaced the hose and cleared the codes, good to go.