low power and sputtering


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Dec 6, 2016
Alberta, canada
2001 golf tdi 1.9
hey everyone. not sure whats going on. my car idles great, starts great, but when im in neutral and rev the car it sputters a bit and wont go past 3000 rpm.
On the hiway it has low power, almost half of what it should. I live in alberta, canada and the temperature just recently dropped to -10 c and I noticed, no more sputtering and have 90% of the power back. I have replaced turbo actuator, thought i replaced all of the cracked looking vacuum lines, new fuel filter, cleaned the egvalve but not the intake. Could this be from a blocked intake, or catalytic converter.


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Oct 12, 2011
Monroe, NY, USA
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Have you scanned for codes?
Also unplug the MAF sensor and go for a ride.
Does the car run the same?
Last, If you have VCDS check the temperature the coolant sensor and fuel sensor, reports first thing in the AM.
Should be close to outside temp.