Loss in Power, 99 A3


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Jul 5, 2002
Calgary, AB
Jetta, 1999 (A3) Silver
I've now twice, once last week then fine, then after about an additional 300 miles, experienced a "check engine" light and what seems to be a loss of power, which I've noticed while on the highway ONLY, not when re-entering the city at low speeds. Both time after driving about 1 hour at 70-75 MPH (120 KPH range).
Light went out the first time after stopping for several hours, then continuing on for 60 miles plus some city weekend driving. Then drove about 200 miles highway, no light, no loss of power.
This time the light has stayed on for about 100 miles as I returned home.
Almost seems to have no turbo boost, or limited fuel, so will hold 120 KPH or more on flat but lose speed on hills etc.

Any thoughts before I go to the dealer in the morning,
Anyone in Calgary, AB. whose got a Vagcom.

I will also be having the TB changed this visit, since I'm nearing 95,000 KM or just below 60 K miles and am getting nervous about this.
Approx. cost for this on an A3 model???

thanks in advance.


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Jan 30, 2003
I had the exact same problem in my 98 TDI. My first time at the VW dealer after experiencing this was at about 70k miles. They installed a new N25 solenoid switch. This had not fixed the problem, but I decided that it was just a design flaw and I just lived with it. About a month ago (at 96k miles) it seemed to happen more frequently and even happened during normal driving at around 70 mph one night.

I called and made an appointment at the dealer once again. They ordered me a new turbo this time since the car was still under warranty. I figured what the heck. I had the work done last week along with a bad key switch replacement. I had a little bit of opportunity to test it out on my way to and from work, but the weather has been bad, so I probably won't know for sure until the weather warms up.

So far, the problem has not occured and no more CELs. I am very pleased with the service I received - make sure you ask for an experienced mechanic. I didn't pay a dime for the turbo service or parts.

I figure it must have been some bad turbo batch productions, because I remember this happening occasionally even just after I bought the car. No one on this site seems to have a definitive answer, but it seems like a replacement turbo does the trick. Good luck and let me know how you make out.


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Jul 31, 2001
medford, NJ
2001 jetta tdi black
i dont think it was the turbo but they gave it to u anyway. the n75 on the firewall will cause a code and will give u no power if it is clogged or not working. alot of people just put new lines and cleaned it, also your solenoid on turbo probably was not working too. but u got a new turbo for free awesome!