Looking for Turbo back exhaust for 1996 B4 Passat TDI wagon


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Aug 27, 2022
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I'm looking for a performance Turbo back exhaust for 1996 B4 Passat TDI wagon - 2.5" or 3". Haven't had any luck searching online so far. Does anyone here know where to find one? I'm also open to buying used. Thank you.


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Feb 12, 2018
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I’m not aware of anyone who manufactured any performance-related turbo-back for these cars on a mass scale. Most are custom jobs. Diesels don’t usually have particularly complex turbo-back exhaust systems. The most performance to be gained is to create a simple catless downpipe and straight pipe setup, maybe with a resonator to address any drone that results.

There are aftermarket downpipes available from IDParts for the A3, not sure if there is a major difference in geometry between the B4 and A3 models but I reckon it would fit. I got the stainless downpipe from them and it is a nice piece, but I have a stock exhaust behind it.

If you can get away with it emissions-wise, get a muffler shop to build you a full straight piped system.
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Aug 16, 2004
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We have a B4 downpipe in stock size on our site, and we can have a 2.5" pipe made. But it's not inexpensive. We don't have the rest of the system in 2.5", however.


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May 29, 2003
Techtonics Tuning makes it both i just looked.
To make sure was still made.
Stainless steel down pipe $390
Stainless steel with Bora Muffler
Exhaust $780 if i recall.
Aluminumised somewere in the $440 area for the exaust system.
Takes some looking on there website.
Might be missed on phone search.
No Converter on either system
Shows the passat vr6 first off but keep looking it shows the TDi too.