looking for stock 2014 Passat wheels


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Sep 29, 2005
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I have a 2014 Passat
Looking for wheels without curb rash in very good condition.
I would think that stock wheels would not be that expensive.
if they come with tps sensors and good tires I understand that the price will be higher



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Oct 17, 2003
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I have a set of OE Passat Carolina Wheels (16x6.5, ET44). They are shiny, but each have some scratches, so it sound like these aren't the right ones for you.

Your car takes any 5x112 BCD wheel, and these are fairly common on FB marketplace and Craigslist, but a bit harder to find in new take-off condition. I think the Passat wheels are also often a bit wider than the others, which may/may not matter to you. The newer cars do not use TPS sensors (tire pressure is measured by rotations), and most often older wheels do not come with sensors, so keep that in mind for pricing. The pricing varies widely, maybe $100 a wheel for a common 16" in GC, to easily over $1,000 for 18" special edition wheels. The salvage yard also have lots of take-offs, but finding them in GC is a challenge.


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Jun 26, 2004
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I found a set of 17" to use as winter wheels and save my 18's from winters wrath. Found them locally on Car-part.com....local in RI, but with a TDI many states become local...lol

Have you considered having yours restored? I've never had a wheel restored,ntheresca couple places around that does it....I have a set of wheels that I might restore for my 94 Chevy truck??