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Jan 24, 2012
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Been where and done what? It's an exceptionally nice car and I would buy it if I could.


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Aug 30, 2018
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You may want to take a look at this listing.


You might like it if you're on the market for an 'older' Jetta that is in respectable condition.

While I'm not necessarily well-versed in Volkswagen diesels, and especially not the older ones, I am relatively sure that the "TD" listed in the ad of the 1984 Jetta in the OP is false. I do not believe it is a turbo diesel. It is likely a naturally aspirated 1.6L diesel. Cute motors, I'm sure, but you may find yourself miserable driving something that slow.

The one in the link I posted is a 1990 Jetta retrofitted with an AHU TDI motor (~1997 era) that has some good power to drive around with and enjoy.

The '90 coupe I listed is newer, asking price is $1000 less, and I think it has gobs more character to be appreciated.
I appreciate the 'minty freshness' of the '84 but not practical other than museum piece IMO
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Jun 16, 1999
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1984 (thus Mk1) Jetta diesel (With the original engine) probably is a 1.6 TD as advertised. I know the US market had some oddballs but at least in the Canadian market, most of the Rabbit diesels were non turbo and most of the Jetta diesels were turbodiesel. The US "Ecodiesel" (which Canada never got, we got the "full" turbodiesel) wasn't until the Mk2 (1985 to 1992).

The car in the ad does look nice. If you opt to take a look at it, take a look underneath at the floor pan to make sure it is as claimed.

Be aware that the early diesels and turbodiesels were extremely, EXTREMELY coarse and unrefined compared to the newer ones. It will not drive like a new car nowadays. If it has been well taken care of, it might drive like a 1984 car did in 1984. It will sound like a diesel. It will want 20 seconds of glow plug delay before starting in cold weather. The steering wheel will shake to and fro at idle from the vibration. That's the way they are.

The 1990 linked to above is interesting if it hasn't sold ... It will be a better car to drive ...