Looking for help with Car Scanner Pro & DPF data


New member
Jun 22, 2019
Massillon, Ohio
2012 Jetta Sportwagen
Hello, I’m driving a 2012 JSW. (CJAA)

I’m looking for some insight as to what could be going on with the sensor monitoring dpf soot level with Car Scanner Pro. After a regen, the soot level will go down to the low 20s. A couple days later, soot level will jump from the 30s/40s, to 100, and will stay there until I initiate another regen. It seemed to be reading fine for the last few months. It just started this a couple weeks ago.

Another weird thing is the fan sensor shows 9.6 when the fan is off. When regenerating, it reads 86. Not a big deal, but it makes me think something might else may need to be addressed.

Thanks a lot.