Looking for help from someone with used car sales experience


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Jan 3, 2002
central CT
1998 Jetta - sold, 2010 A3 - sold
Ok for anyone interested here is what I sent to a helpful member:

I've been looking for a car for my kids to drive this summer while they are home from school. On Friday 3/25 I passed a Cavalier parked in front of a house in the next town over in CT. Took it for a drive on Saturday and came to a deal, left him with a $100.00 deposit. He told me he had the title and would have it safety checked on Monday at a local shop I've seen, then deliver it later that afternoon. Ran a Carfax, it was fine but the one, original owner is from Washington State, it has 2 local college parking stickers so I figured it was bought for a kid to use while in school. The seller gave me his drivers license when I made the deposit but I didn't write anything down. So Monday comes he brings the car over but tells me he is working on the title. Leaves the car doesn't ask for any more money, which I would not have given him without the title, and tells me he will get it to me by the next day, he then leaves and walks away down the street. By Friday, 4/1, I still haven't seen or talked to the seller so I call him, he says that the title is lost and they are working on getting a replacement. So I've had this car for a week, don't want to do anything to it and don't know what my next step is. Do you have any idea how long it takes to get a new title if the original is lost? Seller told me that the owner traded the Cav in on a new car so who knows what happened?? That's my story. I you have any advice please let me know, it was a good deal and I'd hate to lose it, but if the deal goes bad the most I'm out is the deposit. Thanks, Mike.

Happy ending, met up with the seller and he had all of the paperwork including the registration form I need to get plates. Now on to re-train my daughter to drive a stick.....