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Nov 24, 2021
Marysville, WA
2000 Jetta 1.9L ALH
Hey guys, looking for a performance shop near Marysville, WA. Trying not to drive to Portland for Cascade German - although they've done nothing but amazing work for me in the past, and not looking to drive up to BC for Malone - who have also done excellent by me.
Not sure if there is anyone around that will do custom work on these things. Plenty of performance shops in the area but they are a mix of gasoline/bigger diesel focuses. Diesel Outfitters in Arlington, WA are awesome, but he's stepped away from VWs as the truck market for him is way more lucrative.
I looked at the trusted mechanics list here, but wasn't seeing anything that checks the boxes.

Thanks much and have a great Thanksgiving ya'll.


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Mar 1, 2017
PNW is my home
mk4 Jetta
find josh strong on facebook. day and night rebuild. Pm me ill give you his number. He is all VAG. he has a q5 tdi , BEW wagon, also cool gasser VAG cars he built. he has worked on my diesels, he also upgraded another guys tdi wagon. I think they did a vnt 20. He is legit knows his diesels he also drives an old ford 7.3. He is in the middle of building a shop so he can open up legit. His dad is a VAG expert too.

quck google found this
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