Limp mode with no dash light?


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Jul 29, 2019
1.9 TDI Passat
Hi I have a slight issue but no dash light. The car is a Passat B6 TDI 1.9

It has happened twice within the last week and both times (maybe coincidence?) have been from first starting the car, not middle of a journey)

There is literally no power what so ever when it happens. I would imagine this is limp mode after trawling online but there is no dash lights. The first time I drove around to let engine heat up before I tryed being a bit more aggresive but nothing struggling pushing like 60mph in 5th gear so decided to come home. When I got home I turned it off and thought I would try again and it was fine. Has been fine since done about 100 miles and if anything it feels more powerful (the car wants to wheelspin now ?)

2nd time was today, went out in the morning and went to 3/4 places all was well........ come home and about an hour later had to pop back out but the car had a lack of power again, this time I pulled over took key out, locked car, unlocked car, put key in and off I went absolutely fine. Again no dash light or warning though.

The car will be scanned tommorow hopefully but as there has being no lights will the ECU log it?

I am aware it could be many things such as MAP sensor, MAF sensor, N75, actuator, sticky veins to name the main culprits but these come with a dash light so any one have any reasons as to why this is happening?


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Yes, limp mode will not always turn on the MIL, but there will be a code stored in the ECU. please report back after you have done the scan.