Limp Mode, Code 17964, Hard Brake Pedal


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Oct 23, 2001
Pine, Colorado
Golf GLS, 2002, Mojave Beige Metallic
After much reading and research under the hood, I discovered a bad vacuum line to the Brake Booster (splits at both ends). Causing loss of vacuum whch subsequently causes limp mode, code 17954 and hard brake pedal. Solution was not to buy the $39.95 new replacement but a $1 piece of 1/2 inch vacuum hose available at any of the CSK auto stores, ie. Checker. Additionally I discovered my vacuum pump nipple was loose and could be twirled, so before connecting the vacuum hose onto that side I applied JB Weld to where the nipple fits into the rest of the pump.
All is working fine now brakes are normal and no more intermittent limp mode.