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Like New GTC1549VZ


Vendor , w/Business number
Sep 4, 2007
Louisville, KY
2006 Jetta TDI, 2002 Eurovan Westphalia VR6
Since we are selling 4th gen VNT turbos this morning, here is a link to mine:


I got a pretty good deal on it a few months back and had intended it for a project that never materialized. Put it on eBay at that price to try and recoup some losses on other parts purchased for the same project that I took a loss on. At this point I don't want to just arbitrarily drop the price but will say that I'll seriously consider reasonable offers for anyone interested in buying this. Feel free to make an offer, you never know...:D


Vendor , w/Business number
Sep 4, 2007
Louisville, KY
2006 Jetta TDI, 2002 Eurovan Westphalia VR6
any specs on this ?... what power it's capable of ?... also what manifold does this bolt to?
I can find no actual specs nor a compressor map for this turbo. TDIMeister posted that it will support a max PR of 3.4 and flow up to 24 lb/min. From another one of 'Meister's posts, I would interpolate that it should do 200 HP with a reasonably clean lambda. This post by RyanP supports that with a reported 205 HP dyno with perhaps 10 more HP to be had from it.

As for fitting it up, I had hoped it would bolt up to a BHW manifold. But, even though the bolt pattern looks similar, it's different. Saw an exchange between you and Fettig about it. Rub87 claimed it is a match for a CR manifold, which makes sense as it is OEM on a CR170. Unfortunately, that is the 'slanted' port manifold and not a bolt on for our 8V heads.

So, my thought was to use a BHW manifold anyway and just machine an adapter like Whitbread did for the Audi GTB turbos.


Aug 18, 2010
Blaine, MN
B5 Passat, 2010 Jetta
I have one of these on the shelf for a future project, nice looking turbo :)

These were built for the longitudinal Audi application, no reason it can't be adapted to transverse or even to a BHW. If I remember correctly, the hole with the stud matches the BHW manifold, the other two don't.