Large pictures that require side scrolling


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May 8, 2006
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I have seen on other forums where that if someone posts a rather large picture it will either re-size the picture, not sure how, or it makes it so that the only post that needs to be scrolled sideways is the one with the picture. All of the other posts before and after are kept within a certain width. I am not sure how they do this as I would assume that the width would be based on screen resolution, but I have seen it work. I run my post per page count to 100 so when someone posts a large picture in the beginning of that post I have to scroll back and forth as I am reading down. It is just a small annoyance. I am not sure what the other forums that have this function are running, but it is a nice feature. I will be honest and say that out of the great majority of the forums I visit, I enjoy the layout of this one the most.