Keeping ice off windows


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Jul 12, 2000
2000 Jetta GLS Black
Has anyone ever seen any kind of covers that you can cover your front and rear windows to keep from having to scrape ice off of.I made something for the front but in the wind it does not stay down well.Someone told me they thought they saw something made with magnet strips built into the material to hold them down.I already scratched this windshield on my Jetta alittle and I hate scraping ice anyway and I dont like those sprays to melt the ice .Any suggestions....


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Sep 6, 2000
Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada
Get yourself an Interior heater for your car. It keeps the interior toasty, and you NEVER have to scrape.

The only time I ever have to scrape is when I get into my car to go home from work. It's always clear whenever it's in the driveway.

And, it only costs pennies per day to do it if you put a timer on that starts the heater operating 2 hours before you normally leave for work. Personally, I just plug it in without the timer so that the car interior is warm and the windows are clear. You never know if you'll need to make one of those evening trips to the Convenience Store.

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