Just when I thought I was out...


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Dec 17, 2017
03 Jetta
Sold my mk4 Jetta ago and bought a civic... Reliable, cheap to run and buy parts, have done nothing by scheduled maintenance on it. But I am bored... Man I am so bored with it.

So I started looking at diesels again.. they definitely went up in price. Saw a more jett wagon for 9k near where I live. Auto trans with some cosmetic work required. So I got to thinking...

15 years old is the restriction for importing to Canada. And let's face it, Europe got way better models than we did. So I have decided that I am going to import a new (to me) car. But what to get.

Mkt5 golf TDI 4motion?
Mike bora variant 4motion
Audi S6 variant 4motion??
Audi S3 s-line?

I have some research to do I guess. I think I'd prefer to stick with the pd engine. The 3.0 is a little intimidating with the cost when things go wrong - I believe it's the same engine as the q model SUV?

Anyway... I'll update when I know more.. any input or suggestions/ ideas are welcome.