Just bought an '11 Sportwagen

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Jul 29, 2011
2011 JSW 6MT
Put down 100 dollar deposit yesterday. Bought from a used car/mechanic shop. Silver/black, 6MT 55K.

Seems to be in good shape. A few scuffs here and there.

I read oilhammer's excellent thread about these things and will be headed back today for another look before I hand over a check. The owner of the shop is a very nice old guy who talked my ear off yesterday. Seems like an honest dude. Has had a shop in North Grafton, Mass for years. He specializes in German stuff. He owns a '55 356. I am gonna ask if he'll put it on a lift for me, if he has an open bay. He did last night. Should have done it then.

I have the carfax. Here is the reader's digest version of it.

Bought new 4/11 in New Joisy. All regular maintenance performed.

12/12/12 traded in to dealer at 19K miles in NJ.

12/21/12 Sold in RI.

Dealer service at 22,32K.

3/15 service at Audi Porsche in PA engine/powertrain computer/module checked. Mileage 49K at this time. No record of a 40K service.

12/1/15 Minor accident left front. I believe headlamp assy was replaced as it has sharpie writing on it. There is a very slight dent/scuff on fender.

12/26/15 Maintenance done at Scott VW in RI. fuel filter/oil filter/air filter/cabin filter replaced. Mileage is 55,308 at this time. I assume this is about when it was bought back, but there is no record of title change until 7/16. If it had been bought back, would they have done all that? Seems unlikely as at the time, it was unknown if they were headed to the crusher.

2/17- fuel filter replaced again. Maintenance inspection. No mileage noted, but it is still at 55K, So I assume a little over a year sitting at this point.

4/27/17 Throttle body replaced

8/17 titled in MI

11/26/18 sold at auction, Northeast region

12/3/18 offered for sale at Mackoul's Cars.

I asked about the VW extended warranty which I do believe covers all the buyback cars. Am I correct? He did not know, but was going to find out.

Seems odd that it got a new TB, half way through it's time in dieselgate pergatory.

Drives beautifully. Tracks straight, brakes straight.

Any recommendations appreciated.
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Aug 16, 2000
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Put the VIN in at this site to verify emissions fix status/eligibility.


For whatever reason I ran into a couple cars when I was looking that said they were not eligible. Since the warranty was a primary reason I was interested I skipped those cars.

If fixes have been done it will tell you when so you can determine time/miles left on warranty.