July 2018 drive Toronto Tuktoyaktuk NWT


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I currently plan to leave July 18th but may have to up my departure date by a few days. I did this trip to In 2016 to Inuvik but now a new road is open to arctic ocean so off I go to drive the last 170km's in North America.

I have some new tech for this trip GO-Pro Hero 5 black, a new laptop, will bring my severe weather sailing gear for possible winter conditions and plan to see thing that I missed last time like the Carcross desert, Liard, Toad, Prophet River hot springs in BC and Haines Alaska. Hopefully the weather will be great for Tombstone Territorial Park at the south end of the Dempster hwy 5.

I plan to stay in Canada the whole way and avoid the US customs tearing my car apart over a 50km transit between Ontario and Manitoba and comments of Yes I seem to sleeping and living in my car. Last time as I passed into Alaska I turn off my phone and later at custom was inform someone from France was concerned that I had not posted for several days and contact the RCMP to be on the lookout for me.

You my follow my trip at https://4jimmyvee.blogspot.com/
and review my last trip to Inuvik 2016

Google maps says its 13,642km return but I expect about 4k more for side trips
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Wow! I'll be following your trip!

I've been looking at pics, reading stories, etc., about the new road from Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk. We've been up to the Arctic Circle on the Dempster several times down through the years. We went up there in July of 2016. We canceled a trip in 2014 due to so much rain. We did go all the way to Inuvik in 1993.

And, we are hoping to head north no later than July 22nd. If we cannot leave on or before that date, we will open the window to about August 1st but our route and destiny will change substantially!

Wow! I do want to follow your trip! Thanks for sharing!


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Mar 17, 2017
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Best of luck on your travels! My wife and 2 month old daughter and I recently drove the Dempster all the way to Tuktoyaktuk in June. The new section of road from Inuvik to Tuk was surprisingly good, but still a little soft in a couple places. Will you be able to see the midnight sun at all or has it been too long since the solstice?
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