Jetta Diesel vs. Jetta Gas reliability...


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Nov 18, 2002
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If were gonna bring gasser's in to this I would love to chime in about the VR6. I personally think that besides the ABA 2.0, the AAA 12v VR6 is simply one of the best vw motors ever built. I generally saw 28mpg at an average of 87mph in my college days from Batimore to Western, MD. The only thing I ever replaced on it was a coil pack in my first 8 years of ownership. My pads and rotors lasted 100k! And that is with at least 3 weekend track events.

Now with forced induction my car will easily dyno 420whp (gt35r) with a complete stock motor. It will drive from Baltimore to Ocean City and back in 1 tank of fuel (13gallons).

Why VW has left the Vr6 for the 4cyl forced induction is beyond me besides the politics of manufacture requirements in terms of displacement and import tax. Lastly it is by far one of the best sound motors out there!

If you like the TDI (which I do), buy one even if it cost more to own. They drive like a dream and 500+miles before a fill up is just a great feeling!


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Dec 11, 2001
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There are just too many to list....
Oh yeah, the VR6 is great...until the chain tooefs itself:


Too bad so many of these cars get sent to the crusher, but the cost is so high to fix them that a lot of them don't get fixed. :(

We saved this one.

They do make a neat sound though! Well, not when the chain drive grenades, but when they are all running good. Problem is, they are not all that powerful and are stupid heavy.