Jeep Liberty


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Oct 23, 2008
03 2dr 5sp Golf
03 Jetta Wagon owner (my third car and third VW) and I purchased a 03 Jeep Liberty Limited Edition with all the "Bells and Whistles" it's a 3.7L V6 Automatic chrome alloy wheels etc. Pretty nice. Needed a 4x4 for Ranch/Offroad work. Part of why I chose this rig is there are two Diesel engines available for this model/frame type. A 2.5L and a 2.8L VM Motori Diesel. Sweet was what I thought. The VM Motori isn't quite on par with the ALH for fuel economy but it isn't far behind from what I understand. I have only owned Manual cars though the auto in my Library feels pretty nice once I learned how to disengage the overdrive I was controlling RPM pretty good and running as efficient as I think it could moving between 1,2, and D as needed. I'm still interested in having manual trans but seems the Motori was available in automatic only. Maybe a six speed Chrysler NSG370 would actually bolt up or be at least a simple conversion? Anyway I wanted to join a Jeep forum but the two I had joined already I don't like the way the webpage is structured. Anyone here know of a Jeep forum with a structure like our TDI Club?