Is the 2011 model any better than the 2006?


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Dec 16, 2011
2006 Jetta BRM with 200K
So, thinking of upgrading to a nice used 2011 VW jetta TDI, but other than size difference, is the 2011 a better car? I am mixed about its styling. In my case, the biggest reason is mileage- i have 200K, the 2011, 75K. I have read about those that have done this and actually wished they had not because the quality is worse and the car mechanically is no better. Is the engine better in the 2011?


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Jun 16, 1999
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2006 Jetta TDI
I would say "No".

The 2006 engine (BRM) has its foibles - namely, camshaft and lifters, if someone uses the wrong oil, and that infernal EGR cooler leak that happens to all of them - but I will take a camshaft/lifter replacement over the common-rail's HPFP and potential fuel-system-replacement issues, and intercooler-freezing issues (may not be an issue where you live), and EGR back-pressure flap issues, and DPF, ANY day.

In addition, you lose: Independent rear suspension, coolant temperature gauge, trunk lid hinges that fold out of the way, and many other small things.

I sold my 2006 with 430,000 km on it and with the original camshaft and lifters. Yes, the clutch was done, and the EGR cooler was leaking. It needed to be taken off the road for a month for a thorough going-over (and I sold it to a TDIclub member who did just that, and AFAIK it's still on the road). But I did not replace it with another TDI. I'm out of diesels for the moment until the manufacturers get all the emission control and fuel injection systems straightened out.


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Jun 18, 2005
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Go Faster named all the pitfalls of the newer car quite well. If you were going to a Jetta Sport Wagon things would be different. But you can get a mkv sport wagon and it's pretty much the same car at it's core with a facelift outside.

The MKV is a better Jetta then the MKVI Jetta. Much higher quality interior in the MKV Jetta.

I do however love my MKVI golf and wouldn't trade it for anything :cool: