Instrument panel all dark. What can I do to fix ???


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Oct 8, 2006
Northern California
2012 Jetta TDI
Hello alll :

I drive the car fine. Seems no problem, CEL lights and other lights come on normally upon cranking and starting car. Then they go away.
However, Insturment panel is all dark at night. NO blue light , I am driving in complete darkness.

Yes, I tried the dimmer switch, and rolled it from top to NO avail. Still no illumination. Car drives fine HELP>>>

Last week, engine immobilizer came on and couldnt start the car. I came on, and learned quick fix was leave key in ignition and after 15 min, I could start the car.
I also read that some peoples instrument panel went out.

Is this a fuse issue ?

I cannot fine the fuse for this. Any help ?


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Oct 8, 2006
Northern California
2012 Jetta TDI
any link to the fuses for the 2000 Alh TDI ? I will check fuses tomorrow. But dont know which one it is for lighting for instrument cluster .........

car otherwise runs fine.


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Nov 10, 2013
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Is this for your 2000? If so here you go.


Top left to right by collum

1. Washer nozzle heaters, glove compartment light, memory seat control module (10A).

2. Turn signal lights (10A).

3. Fog light relay, instrument panel light dimmer switch (5A).

4. License plate light (5A).

5. Comfort system, cruise control, Climatronic, A/C, heated seat control modules, automatic day/night interior mirror, control module for multi-function steering wheel, control unit in steering wheel (7.5A).o,

6. Central locking system (5A).

7. Back-up lights, speedometer vehicle speed sensor (VSS) (10A).

8. Open

9. Anti-lock brake system (ABS) (5A).

10. Engine control module (ECM): gasoline engine (10A); diesel engine, Model Year 2000 > (5A).

11. Instrument cluster, shift lock solenoid (5A).

12. Data Link Connector (DLC) power supply (7.5A).

13. Brake tail lights (10A).

14. Interior lights, central locking system (10A).

15. Instrument cluster, transmission control module (TCM) (5A).

16. A/C clutch, after-run coolant pump (10A).

17. Open.

18. Headlight high beam, right (10A).

19. Headlight high beam, left (10A).


20. Headlight low beam, right (15A).

21. Headlight low beam, left (15A).

22. Parking lights right, side marker right (5A).

23. Parking lights left, side marker left (5A).

Bottom left to right

24. Windshield and rear window washer pump, windshield wiper motor (20A).

25. Fresh air blower, Climatronic, A/C (25A).

26. Rear window defogger (25A).

27. Motor for rear windshield wiper (15A).

28. Fuel pump (FP) (15A).

29. Engine control module (ECM) gasoline engine (15A); diesel engine (10A).

30. Power sunroof control module (20A).

31. Transmission control module (TCM) (20A).

32. Injectors: gasoline engine (10A); diesel engine (15A).

33. Headlight washer system (20A). Open

34. Engine control elements (10A).

35. 12 V power outlet (in luggage compartment) (30A).

36. Fog lights (15A).

37. Terminal (86S) on radio, Instrument cluster (10A).

38. Central locking system (with power windows), lugging age compartment light, remote/fuel tank door, motor to unlock rear lid (15A).

39. Emerggency flashers (15A).

40. Dual tone horn (20A).

41. Cigarette lighter (15A).

42. Radio (25A).

43. Engine control elements (10A).

44. Heated seats (15A).

Fuse arangements in fuse bracket/battery:

S162. Glow plugs (coolant) (50A).

S163. Fuel pump (FP) relay/glow plug relay (50A).

S164. Coolant fan control (FC) control module/coolant fan (40A).

S176. Relays panel interior (110A).

S177. Generator (GEN) (90 Amp.) (110A).

Generator (GEN) (120 Amp.) (150A).

S178. ABS (hydraulic pumps) (30A).

S179. ABS (30A).

S180. Coolant fan

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Apr 25, 2009
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The rheostat in the headlight switch can burn out... literally... and would cause all cluster and dash lighting to fail.

That said, the "no blue high beam light" is an interesting wrinkle, dunno if that light dims as well normally? Not on my MK4, unfortunately. :)
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